Hyper Repost Pro for Instagram

The Hyper Instagram Repost tool will scour the Gram for content in your niche and repost it for you automatically!

Find new relevant content based on hashtags, places, people and collections.

Repost fresh content with your own captions and keep your followers engaged without having to lift a finger.



Repost Instagram posts from other users



Repost Instagram video from the community



Share your reposts to your story automatically

The Most Advanced Instagram Repost App

You can use the Hyper Instagram Repost app right out of the box, or use the advanced settings to maximise your reach and engagement with your audience.

Our repost app can pull location data, user data and more from the original post and add it to your repost.

You also have the power to repost new content to your story. The Repost Pro module takes care of this for you, automatically sharing to your story whenever it reposts to your timeline.


Custom Captions on Your Reposts

Add custom captions to your Instagram reposts.

Add variables like:

  • Original post caption
  • Content owner’s username
  • Location set in original post
  • Spintax settings to vary your caption content

Spintax lets you add multiple inputs to the caption box, which will then be selected at random to keep your captions interesting and varied.


Repost Instagram Posts With Credits

Get full control of your reposts.

Our repost settings let you tag the owner of the photo, put stickers on the picture with the owners account handle, and even place custom hashtag stickers on the post.

Choose whether or not you want to give credit to the original owner or just do a standard repost.

You can also add your own account’s sticker to the repost for full control of your content.

Tailored Repost Settings

The Repost Pro module gives you full control of your repost activities.

You can set the speed that you want to repost content, with up to 20 posts a day.

You can also choose to remove the posts after a given time frame.

Instagram Repost Pro Module

Our Instagram Repost Pro module is a new feature that is now available on all of our plans, including our Mini Plan!

Start Reposting today alongside our main HyperVote module to get maximum engagement on your account.


Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

How does Repost PRO work?

Repost PRO searches for content based on your targets and filtering settings and posts them to your Instagram account with your chosen captions and settings.

What can I repost?

You can repost pictures, videos and stories.

Can I repost with credit?

Yes, you can repost content and credit the original poster, or add your own account’s sticker to the post.

How many reposts can I perform?

You can post between 1 and 20 posts per day!