Instagram Profile Scraper

Our new Instagram Scraper takes the hard work out of finding new social media leads.

Our advanced social media scraper can scour Instagram in a fraction of the time it would take you to do yourself manually.

Generate new leads and interest with hard data from real Instagram accounts.


Phone Numbers

Collect business phone numbers from accounts.


Email Addresses

Get the email addresses of Instagram accounts.


Website Links

Collect the web links of Instagram accounts.

Advanced Instagram Scraper

Using our Instagram Scraper you can search for new accounts to collect data from based on account followers, hashtags and locations.

Find businesses and services in your area that you want to connect with quickly and easily, without having to go through accounts individually.

Within a few days you can have hundreds of potential leads in front of you all scraped from genuine Instagram accounts.


Instagram Data Collection Types

If the account has the data in their profile, our Instagram extractor can capture it for you.

  • Usernames
  • Full name
  • Profile type (personal/business)
  • Business category
  • City
  • Website
  • Follower count
  • Profile bio

This data is more than enough for most businesses to get qualified leads that they can use for marketing and collaboration opportunities.


Smart Filtering

By default our profile scraper skips private accounts and users with no profile picture.

You can also tailor your filtering options to get the exact outcome you want so you only get the leads that you want.

Fine tune your targets for the results you want:

  • Set minimum and maximum followers
  • Set minimum and maximum following count
  • Choose how many posts the user should have
  • Filter by when the user last posted

You can also use our new language filtration settings which mean you can target specific languages.

Our smart filtering options give you full control over your scraping activities right down to the last detail.

Complete Instagram For Business

If you are an agency or business looking to boost your social media presence, the Hyper line up is all you need to take your social media activities to the next level.

Our tools have been carefully designed to maximise your engagement and skyrocket your follower count.


Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

How does Profile Scraper work?

Profile Scraper will pull profile data from accounts based on your targets.

What information does it collect?

Profile Scraper collects phone numbers, email addresses, website URLs, full names, location, follower count, profile bio and more.

Can I filter the accounts I scrape?

Yes, you can set a minimum and maximum follower count, choose a minimum post count and filter using other variables.

Will the account know that I have scraped their data?

The accounts you scrape will have no indication that you have scraped them.