Hyper Instagram DM manager

Lets you communicate and be responsive efficiently


Hyper Features

The Hyper Instagram DM Manager will allow you to view, read and respond to your messages from your desktop.


Flexible Usability

You can manage multiple accounts at once with the Hyper DM manager tool and connect to all of your followers effortlessly via your desktop.


Easy to Manage Your DMs

Our way is the easiest way to instantly engage and respond to your DMs without having to go through your accounts individually.


Easy to Use

The Hyper Instagram DM Manager is simple and easy to use. You can access and reply to your DMs in just a few clicks.

The Hyper Instagram DM Tool Is The Ultimate Way To Organise Your Messages

Hyper values your time and will let you build a stronger connection with your individual followers. You can focus on increasing your business productivity.


Acknowledge Your Message Requests Instantly With The Hyper Instagram DM Manager

Hyper will not let you forget about your message requests that you have not seen yet.

You can take advantage of the Hyper’s special feature to write a personalised direct message for your DM requests.

Simply log in to your Hyper account and write a welcome message via the HyperVote feature. We will au-tomatically send your automated welcome message to your DM requests.


Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

How does DM Manager work?

Hyper DM Manager lets you view, read and respond to Instagram DMs on your linked accounts.

Can I use it on my desktop?

Of course, just like all of the Hyper Instagram bot modules they can be used on mobile or desktop.

Will my DMs update in the Instagram app?

Yes, and replies or messages you send in DM manager will update in real time to the Instagram app.

How many accounts DMs can I manage?

You can manage as many accounts as your plan permits, up to 100 accounts on our agency plan.

Can I use DM manager in conjunction with Auto DM?

Yes, DM manager works seamlessly with Auto DM and lets you see what messages you have sent.