Instagram Auto Follow Tool

Our Instagram Auto Follow service is the benchmark for all Instagram automation services.

No other auto follow program even comes close to what Hyper can do.

Get multiple targeting options, advanced filtering and even blacklist settings.


Set A Target

Target People, Hashtags & Locations


Filtering Options

20+ Filtering Options


More Functions

Blacklist Function, API Settings & More

Best Way To Grow Instagram Followers

Growing your following on Instagram can be a slow process, but not with Hyper’s Auto Follower service.

Our Auto Follower tool lets you take control of your account’s direction and engage with the users that you want to connect with.

Now you can engage on a massive scale with real Instagram users that will skyrocket your following and bring you authority amongst the Instagram community.


Complete Control With Advanced Filtering

With over 20 filtering options to choose from, you can tweak your settings to perfection and maximise your incoming follower.

With Hyper Auto Follow, you can filter by:

  • Number of followers
  • Number of likes
  • Demographics
  • Business profiles
  • Private profiles
  • And more

Find the best settings and approach for you! No other automation service has the comprehensive settings that Hyper Auto Follow has.


Security Built In

At Hyper, we take the safety and security of our clients’ accounts very seriously.

That is why we built the platform with security in mind every step of the way:

  • Built-in proxy settings
  • iOS & Android emulation to match your device
  • Accelerator accounts to perform actions for your main accounts
  • API access settings
  • Secure login and platform access

Our security measures are unmatched and ensure that your account is protected and never at risk of being banned.

The Best Instagram Auto Follow

Why settle for less when it comes to your Instagram account?

Use Hyper and get the best Instagram Auto Follow tool on the market, alongside the complete Hyper lineup, including HyperVote, Repost Pro, Auto Like and more.

Try it now from just 0.99 EUR and see exactly what our service can do for your Instagram account.


Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

How does Auto Follow work?

Auto Follow is simple – you specify targets and our Instagram Bot Hyper will use the followers of these targets to perform follow requests on your behalf, and you will receive reciprocal followers in return.

Is the service safe?

Thanks to our extensive security features, all of the Hyper modules are incredibly safe, with an extremely low chance of getting your account compromised.

Do I get fake followers?

No, there are no fake accounts with our service, they are all real followers that make the conscious choice to follow you back

Can I try it out?

Yes! We offer a limited 24 hour trial for just 0.99 EUR so you can get a taste of the Hyper platform.