Top 10 Tips for Instagram Growth

Instagram Growth

Instagram has become the fastest growing platform for businesses. Although Instagram started off as a basic photo-sharing platform, it soon began to adopt many already existing features into its business strategy.

Many believe that Instagram hasn’t come up with any of their own original ideas. But the end game is that Instagram has managed to transform those ideas for the better and earn so much growth for their own business.

Some, for example, argued that the video-sharing feature looked very similar to Snapchat’s original format. Even so, Instagram still managed to transform the video-sharing idea in a new way to reach its greatest potential.

But we get it. In a world with so much content, it is near impossible to be original. Every idea is an extension of another idea. What you need to do is to take an idea and make it better by enhancing its whole primary purpose.

So with the rise in Instagram we do not blame you for seeking new ways for Instagram growth. This is why we have put together this step by step top growth Instagram guide.

We want you to take the detailed ideas we have covered below and adopt them into your own platforms to gain the Instagram growth you desire.

  • Create your strategy
  • Learn about your audience
  • Post content consistently
  • Learn when to post using your Instagram analytics
  • Be active on live videos and IGTV
  • Use relevant quality hash and geotags
  • Post user-generated content
  • Work with other brands and influencers
  • Engage with your fans
  • Use Instagram automation

Instagram Growth

1. Create your Strategy for Instagram Growth

First things first before we dive in and take you through a tremendous amount of information, we need you to decide what it is that you are wanting to accomplish through your Instagram growth.

  • Gain more exposure?
  • Increase your website’s traffic?
  • Generate more sales?

This will help you to come up with goals and objectives for your business. By accomplishing your set goals you can complete your objectives.

Instagram Growth

2. Learn About your Audience

We can’t tell you how important this factor is but you must believe us. By firstly identifying your target audience and getting to know them you can focus on generating content that appeals most to them.

It is all about balance; it’s not possible to try and reach everyone. This is an important way to gain Instagram growth. Here are a few basic things you should consider for researching your target audience on Instagram:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Occupation

Now you can produce content to satisfy your target audience. Through Instagram growth, you will be able to achieve your goals and complete your business objectives too.

Instagram Growth

3. Post Content Consistently for Instagram Growth

One of the best ways to gain organic Instagram growth is through posting content to make sure you are visible. You should keep in mind how frequent you are posting too. The last thing you want to do is to spam your followers.

So create your posting times by having both your brand and audience in mind. How big is your audience and what are the chances of them seeing your three posts a day – do not forget about quality. You can engage as much as you like, but if you let the quality of your content decline then you too may soon decline in the eyes of your customers.

You can use your posts to engage with your audience to see their response. You could ask them through a poll whether they would like to see more posts or less. You could even ask what format they would rather receive the content in.

This is a great way to capture your audience’s attention and show that you care about their desires. You will earn your Instagram growth faster if you care about your audience.

Organic Instagram growth

4. Learn When to Post Using your Instagram Analytics

There is not a universal posting time that you can use. But you can gather data to know when the best posting time is for you and your business. If your Instagram account is a business account then you can easily access the insights of your account.

You can access your activity content and all the relative audience engagement information on your business account. 

Profile visits, website clicks, email clicks and directions will all be displayed. By analysing when your account has the most interactions you can come up with the best times to post your content.

The Instagram analytics will provide you with an hourly chart of user engagement levels for your account. In this way, you can measure the busiest hours and understand when you should be posting to gain your maximum Instagram growth.

It will also offer you details such as gender, age and location of your consumer data. This can be a huge help if your brand is quite diverse and generates certain content based on gender and age.

You can come up with a strategy to publish the right content that is aimed at the right gender-aged based clients.

instagram insights

5. Be Active on Live Videos and IGTV

Our social media platforms are used in a way to connect to others. To connect and leave a lasting impression, we need to engage in-depth with our audience.

Live videos can be crucial in the way you connect and grow your Instagram presence. you can engage your audience by sharing stories that can not simply be captured in a single image. The likelihood of generating emotions through videos is far higher than single images.

Just remember to experiment and see what works better with your audience. After all, it is about giving them exactly what they want. By doing so you will make sure that you stand out from the rest and see results in your Instagram growth.

Creating your own IGTV series is a great way to expand your Instagram growth. We have highlighted a few ways you can optimise your presence by using IGTV:

  • Podcasts
  • Tutorials
  • Live gigs
  • Exclusive content
  • Training Sessions
  • Educational purposes

Not only can you grow your audience but you might even capture yourself some leads. With an impressive 60-minute time limit you can get as descriptive and creative as you like.

Instagram IGTV

6. Top Growth Instagram Tips by Using Relevant Quality Hashtags/Geotags

Although we first heard about hashtags on twitter, Instagram pushed hashtags onto an entirely new spectrum. Hashtags have become the ultimate way to discover the rest of the social media horizon. A user in Argentina could see a picture uploaded by a user in Vietnam within just seconds. It connected our strange world in a new way.

So now that the hashtags are everywhere, do you know how to use them properly? They can be extremely valuable. Hashtags are similar to keywords you would search on a search engine to find your relative information.

Therefore using them in the right way can be crucial in expanding your business. If you want to reach your audience then you must communicate with them in their own Instagram language. By that, we mean finding the hashtags that they would use.

One of the best ways to do this is to check out your competitors or relative influencers. It is a good way to get clued up to see what they use so you can implement some of those for yourself.

You can also target those tags that have fallen through the gap. By doing so you will ensure that you reach new audiences that your competitors may have missed.

You can use up to 30 hashtags and don’t forget to experiment and see what works. Keep an eye on how well the hashtags perform and how much traffic they drive to your account. Ensure to cover all the Hashtag categories broken down by Instagram:

  • Product/service hashtags
  • Industry niche hashtags
  • Industry community hashtags
  • Events or season hashtags
  • The location also known as geo hashtags
  • Daily hashtags
  • Relevant phrase hashtags
  • Acronym hashtags
  • Emoji hashtags

Insta Hashtags

7. Get Organic Instagram Growth by Sharing User-Generated Content

This one is a big one but make sure you do it legally. You have no rights to content created by others even if they are displaying a product of yours in their picture. If you choose to share a follower’s content then do get in touch to ask for permission first.

This is a great new way to market your brand and gain organic Instagram growth for your business. Not only do you create a deeper level of engagement with your followers but you also show your devotion to your customers.

User-generated content creates a circle of trust between you, your customers and potential clients. People trust reviews and recommendations from ordinary people like themselves more than paid advertisements.

Organic Instagram growth

8. Work With Other Brands and Influencers for InstaGrowth

You can collaborate with others through sponsorship or partnership. If you have the budget to pay for the expenses this could potentially be one of the fastest ways to reach new clients. You can gain more Instagrowth for your brand.

Almost any brand that can afford collaboration is already using Instagram influencers. Do your research, find your targets and study your potential collaboration partners.

Find out all the many reasons why they would have the audience that you desire. Make sure to have your Instagram QR code and the Instagram shop feature set up if you decide to collaborate.

Both tools can be extremely useful for bringing you more Instagrowth and overall business success.

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9. Engage With your Fans

This is an important factor not just in Instagram marketing but in any business. If you engage with your fans then you allow for an emotional connection which in turn creates loyalty.

So ensure to take some time to acknowledge their engagement with your profile. You can do this by a simple like or a reply to the posts they have left on your account.

We know this could be very time consuming depending on the size of your business, the amount of exposure, and followers you may have. But it’s defiantly worth a try if you want organic Instagram Growth.

Social media marketing

10. Use Instagram Automation for InstaGrowth

If you simply do not have the time or your followers are extremely huge then it might be worth your while to invest in an automated Instagram bot.

Instagram bots are one of the best Instagram growth services out there. They could make things a whole lot easier for you. The clever automated bots will engage on your behalf, on your account. They will engage with your followers through likes and comments.

The clever automated bots will target new audiences too. They find potential targets based on their locations, activity and tags used. They will then engage on your behalf with these potential clients for you. They will follow, like and comment to gain you the exposure you need to further expand your business. They are by far one of the quickest and best Instagram growth services available. 

Instagram bots