5 New Ways Instagram TV Can Help Businesses


Instagram TV has completely changed the way the social media giant operates.  The fast-paced media consumption platform has decided to broaden its horizons and scale up its video content from 1 minute to up to 60 minutes.


For businesses, this opens up a whole new way of engaging with audiences on this extensive platform.  Very often the 1-minute cap on videos can be limiting for businesses and content creators who want to deliver a rich experience to users.

We want to give a detailed look at how business accounts can utilise the power of IGTV in order to reach new audiences, build brand awareness and make an impact in their marketplace.

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Publish Tutorials and Product Highlights

IGTV now means that longer, more detailed content can be put out in front of audiences.  Many businesses are starting to use the new feature to showcase their products and give a detailed explanation of what makes them unique.

To take it a step further, companies are now publishing tutorial style videos of their products in action.  Some companies are even doing this in conjunction with influencers and real life customers, which enriches the consumer experience.

Since the audience can see the real world application of a product or service, they start to relate themselves to the experience, which is a powerful motivator when it comes to consumer purchase decisions.

Bridge The Gap Between Platforms

If you have great content that you have already published to platforms such as YouTube or Facebook, you can now bring these videos to Instagram, bridging the gap between your social media channels.

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Consumers generally respond well to consistency, and if you have built up backlog of great in-depth video content from your other platforms, you can publish them on Instagram with IGTV and keep your content universal across all of your outlets.

This can also be a great starting point to see exactly how well your Instagram following responds to this type of content, helping you to make decisions about future content publication.

Start An Instagram Television Show

The clue is in the name here people, IGTV is basically just a modern form of television, and one could argue that it is even better.

If you want really engage customers, a regular IGTV show or segment can be a great way of building brand awareness and attracting consumer attention.

As previously mentioned, consumers love consistency, so if you put out a regular weekly or monthly TV show with great content, your audience will come back time and time again because they love predictability.

Feature Customer Success Stories

One of the most powerful motivators around is social proof, and nothing is more powerful that one of your customers telling your audience what they love about you and your brand.

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If you have any particularly loyal customers, invite them to be featured on one of your videos, and better still, if there are any content creators that are already promoting your products online, approach them about a possible partnership.

With more and more marketing efforts moving away from highly polished product videos and towards real world application and use, your biggest asset for building your brand could be your current customer base.

Make Exclusive and Authentic Content

By sharing exclusive content with the Instagram community, you are working towards building your own loyal audience within the platform.

There is an increasing amount of authentic and unedited video content being published on social media platforms, and audiences that want to see it are lapping it up.

Content such as behind the scenes videos, manufacturing processes, product development, customer feedback are just a few ideas of great secondary content that businesses can put out to further engage with their audiences.


IGTV opens up a whole new world of possibilities for companies, influencers and even the regular Instagram user.  It allows you to build deeper connections with your audiences and further promote your brand’s image and qualities.

By publishing content that is more in-depth, you can create your own niche within Instagram and build a following centred around this.

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Start using IGTV today and experiment with content, regular shows and customer interaction and get more followers and increase engagement.

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