Instagram Changes And Updates 2020


Instagram has already seen some significant changes since the start of 2020 and in this blog, we will fill you in on the latest updates and information that we have about Instagram.


Changes To The Instagram Feed Algorithm

One of the most noticed and talked about changes to date in 2020 has been the change to Instagram’s feed algorithm and which posts you and other users see in the news feed.  Recently many users have been feeding back to Instagram that their feeds had changed. Instagram responded by explaining that their new algorithm takes into your interests and liking patterns.

This essentially means that users you engage with the most are likely to appear towards the top of your feed overall. So this creates a bit of an issue for many Instagram users who would like their content to feature in most of their followers feeds. However, there is a way to ensure that this remains the case! Creating exciting and engaging content regularly is an excellent and effective way through which you can remain in favour with Instagram algorithm and continue to be featured at the top or near the top of your followers Instagram feeds.

Changes To Instagram Stories

As well as updates and changes to the algorithms for the Instagram feed, there have also been changes to Instagram stories.  Towards the end of 2019 Instagram has added the ability for users to tag other users in the stories. Furthermore, users can now add large volumes of images and videos to their stories which can combine to create one large story.

Another batch of hugely popular features which have seen heavy usage across the platform has been the addition of stickers as well as polls within Instagram stories. These features have become very popular with many users using them regularly when posting stories.

Finding Relevant Content On Instagram

Thankfully many of the core principles and ideas on Instagram have stayed more or less the same since its inception. If you are looking to find content relevant to your interests on Instagram then there is a number of easy steps which you can follow in order to achieve this:

  • Search hashtags surrounding a particular topic or niche and check out some of the account posting using these hashtags
  • Like and follow users that post relevant and informative content. This may lead to Instagram suggesting other interesting and relevant content posters
  • Be sure to like and comment on posts that you find interesting as this will increase engagement and help the algorithm to keep you up to date with this type of content

Instagram Alt Text

A key change which has been seen on the platform has been the addition of Instagram alt text to posts. This feature allows users to describe the picture through text so that people with visual impairments can also appreciate posts. This is a major development as it greatly improves the outreach of the post and potentially also improves its visibility to hashtags and search engines due to the way alt text is traditionally associated with search engine optimisation.