New Instagram QR Code Feature is Now Global

Instagram QR code

Instagram has introduced a whole new beginning in 2020 by adding its own very QR (Quick Response) code feature. The Instagram QR code was first launched in Japan last year, and now it has gone global.

But what is a QR code? A QR is a barcode that stores information and is scannable by any mobile phone camera that supports QR reading or third party apps.

Each user is able to create their own unique customised Instagram QR code. By opting and sharing your QR, you allow others to reach you via the fastest possible route.

Instagram has announced they hope for their new shiny tool to bring more exposure to brands and small businesses who are reaching out to their customers on their platform. Will this little short cut to accounts be shaping the new future of Instagram networking?

Instagram QR code

What Do the Instagram QR Codes Mean for Instagram Users?

We are connecting and networking on our online platforms more than ever, and what we crave the most is instant gratification.

Whether you use Instagram purely for pleasure or business, like the rest of us you are engaging in a world of ever-evolving and visually-pleasing digital content. People are able to form better connections through personal visual inputs.

This is why it is useful for businesses to approach their audience through platforms that generate emotions through images and videos like Instagram.

That is how Instagram has become one of the top leading platforms for networking and promoting your business.

Instagram QR code

How to Get The Most Out of Your Instagram QR Code

You will be able to bring your own very unique code into existence. Remember your Instagram viewers are visually driven, and that is the main reason they engage on Instagram.

So set up your QR somewhat authentic, and memorable. You can apply colour, emojis, or add a cheeky selfie by using the tools available.

You can display your QR directly onto your:

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Business Card
  • Emails
  • Products

If you’re looking to expand your business, it could be useful to share your QR code through Instagram Influencers. You should read our guide on how to reach an influencer.

Instagram Marketing

What Does QR Code Mean for Instagram Marketing?

The QR code is going to be the quickest way yet to market your brand on Instagram. It will allow your potential target to reach your profile destination within less than a few seconds of scanning the barcode.

The quicker your consumers can connect and engage with you and vice versa, the more growth your business will likely have. ‘Following’ is now easier than ever with no need to type, search, and look manually for accounts.

It also offers faster, simpler promotion, and instant access for consumers to find relative information such as business hours and product prices.

We would like to add a tip for those of you who take your Instagram marketing more seriously than others. By opting for a dynamic QR code you have the ability to track the amount of time your code has been scanned via analytical tools.

In simple terms, QR codes when dynamic have changeable destinations. Marketing companies use them to modify information if needed, but by keeping the same original QR code. This is an amazing cost-effective technique.

Instagram doesn’t offer a dynamic format QR code yet, but not to worry. There are multiple websites who allow you to obtain one for free through a few simple steps.


The Rise of QR Codes in 2020

QR codes have been around for over two decades, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter have already been using this tool.

They are used vastly by companies such as Apple pay, Amazon, and PayPal to name a few.

There has been a huge shift in how we use our online platforms, and this only seems to be continuously growing.

It only seemed right for Instagram to try and help online businesses on Instagram to be more efficient.

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Are QR Codes Here to Remain?

However, 2020 has brought more attention to it than ever. This year has been a surprise in many ways. It has been an extremely surreal year for most if not all of us.

With COVID-19 gradually placing the entire world in lockdown, the rise in both social media and online transactions have both been made clear. People were connecting via social media while purchasing their goods online.

With everything around us going contactless, many businesses have begun applying QR codes into their marketing strategy. But is this just the beginning?