Grow Your Own Personal Brand Using Instagram


If you’re thinking about growing your own personal brand, using Instagram, we have some advice, tips and tricks to help you speed up this process and build your own brand.

Keep reading the article below to find out how to gain visibility, real followers and comments on your posts.

Build Personal Authenticity

When building your personal brand, it’s best to be yourself.

People follow you they look at the tone, style and colors of your profile.

It may sound like a good idea to post lots of random images to your account.

However, this can disrupt the aesthetics of your profile and cause confusion.

Only post images which you actually care about and are relevant to the theme of your profile.

You can even promote your personal images via Instagram Stories.

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Share Personal Images

People prefer connecting with a real person, rather than a fake account.

It’s recommended to show real life photos, selfies and images of yourself doing things.

real person

Identify Your Target Audience

Before you even start building up your own brand, try to identify your audience, who they are and what they may be interested in.

Image result for target market

Your target market will have unique criteria associated with their demographics:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Likes
  • Interests
  • Location

Use Mixtures of Images and Captions

Having a strong social media strategy is not just about the images which you post.

Content needs to be found and easily searchable, this is the way you will grow real Instagram followers.

You’ll need to find your own voice and keep your audience listening and engaged with your content, posts and updates.

narrow your hashtags

If you take good quality images and add some interesting or funny quotes you can increase your engagement levels and rate.

Having a clear strategy and being concise as possible will help your audience engage and listen.

Quick Tip: Try to be as unique as possible and do not copy others. Your audience will identify with your unique voice and build a connection to your brand.

Share Content

Sharing your own content and other profiles can increase your profile impressions, views and engagement levels.

Sharing content which is relevant to your target market will more likely be liked, commented on, or even re posted.

Instagram Search can be great for sharing content , simply upload an image or video coupled with a caption/hashtag and let people find your profile.

Promote Yourself Via Linkedin

Creating a relevant strategy for Linkedin can be time consuming, but very worthwhile in the long run.

Regular posts, comments, direct messages, sharing content and building relationships will improve your Linkedin visibility.

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By updating your Linkedin profile with recent roles and qualifications you can appear more visible via search.

Consistency Is Key

Being consistent within your personal branding is important as this will carry a reliable theme across your entire pool of content.

By sharing similar, relevant content to your previous posts, while developing a theme, you will attract more engagement from your current followers, and gain new followers.