Integrated Messenger on Facebook & Instagram Is Coming

instagram facebook messenger

As you are scrolling through your Instagram feed in the next few weeks, look out for this cheeky little pop up from Instagram:

instagram facebook messenger integration


The journey towards merging these two messenger services is now well underway, with users in certain countries already reporting the arrival of the integrated messenger system.

But is this the end of DMs? There are some people that believe that these two messaging platforms should stay separate, stating that they have very different uses.

On the other hand, many people are welcoming this new update with open arms, eager to get their hands on this new messenger system that they say will streamline their DMs.

instagram facebook dms

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Integration

These latest updates are part of Facebook’s wider initiative to merge the messaging systems of its 3 flagship apps.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stated that he wants integrated messaging for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, with end to end encryption and better user experience across all apps.

Now that the first step of this plan is being rolled out, people are both excited and sceptical to use the new system.

A small number of people have been able to access these new updates, but as is usually the case with all Instagram/Facebook updates, the full-scale rollout won’t be far behind.

instagram dms

Instagram DMs Are Gone

Once you hit update, the infamous Instagram paper plane icon that stands for Instagram DMs will be gone, and it will be replaced by the Facebook messenger symbol.

Facebook is also saying that the new chat window will be more colourful and more interactive, with swipe to reply and the one that everyone has been waiting for: chat with friends on Facebook.

Chatting with friends who use Facebook will be a huge step, since not everyone who uses Facebook has been swayed by Instagram’s temptations.

So although our cherished Instagram DMs are gone for good, we are getting a much more capable messaging tool that shows promise for connective people across platforms.


Is Social Media Merging A Good Thing?

Facebook purchased Instagram back in 2012 for a steal at just $1 billion, and a few years later they acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion.

Facebook has some of the best developers and visionaries in the industry, and their aim is to use their knowledge and resources to create a series of interconnected products.

This first step towards integrating some aspects of these systems is the perfect way to reach further and wider on each platform.

For this reason it is great for businesses, influencers and personal users who just want better ways to connect with friends.