How To Follow Your Facebook Friends On Instagram


Facebook is making it easier to invite friends from Facebook and sync them to your follow list on Instagram.

While finding new friends on Instagram can be challenging, the ability to connect with friends you already know can help grow real followers and account.

To connect to your Facebook contacts to Instagram, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to ‘Instagram Settings’ and click on “Follow and Invite Friends”

2. Then select ‘Follow Contacts’

3. In this menu, select the ‘Suggested’ tab on the top of the screen, and you will see ‘Connect to Facebook’

4. Click ‘Connect to Facebook’ and all of your Facebook friends who have Instagram accounts will appear in the list and you will invite them all to follow you.

5. You can only connect with your Facebook friends on Instagram if they have an Instagram account to connect with.

instagram import facebook friends

Why can’t I connect with my Facebook friends on Instagram?

The main reasons you can’t follow your Facebook friends on Instagram are listed below:

  1. You have followed too many accounts in a short amount of time, and you got action-blocked for a specific amount of time.
  2. Your Facebook friends are not using Instagram or don’t have an account.
  3. Your Instagram and Facebook account are not connected.
  4. It’s a bug on Instagram’s side (server related).

How to fix the ‘can’t follow Facebook friends on Instagram’ problem

1. If it’s the first time – for example, an action-block, then you need to wait for around 3 hours in total. If you continue to repeat the automation then the next action-block will last for roughly 24 hours. The next action block then lasts three days. After the 3 day block you will receive a ten day Instagram block. You will receive 30 days after the 10 day block. If you do it again your account will be action-blocked for life.

2. If your Facebook friends don’t use Instagram you can invite them to sign up and connect with you.

3. To do this go to settings-> ‘Follow and Invite Friends’. You’ll see three options to Invite your friends who are not on Instagram: by Whatsapp, by SMS or email. Once you know which option to use select one of them and send the invitation message.

3. If your Facebook and Instagram are not connected, you won’t be able to follow Facebook friends on Instagram. To connect Facebook and Instagram visit the ‘Instagram settings’ -> ‘ Account’ -> ‘Linked Accounts’ -> ‘Facebook’. Once you link the two accounts you will see and follow your Facebook friends on Instagram.

4. If this is a bug on Instagram’s side you can try and fix this problem by either:

Installing BlueStacks on your PC

Install BlueStacks.

Log in to your Instagram account using this third party app.

This should fix the bug both for Android and iOS users.

Uninstall the Instagram app

Download Version 40 of the Instagram application to fix the problem.

Version 40 of Instagram is the only version that doesn’t have this bug.

Instagram is still having problems on newer versions and they are currently trying to fix this issue for users.