How to Use Instagram Bots and Instagram Automation – The Complete Guide!


Welcome to the ultimate guide for using Instagram Bots!

This in depth instructional contains everything you need to know about using our premium automation service in order to grow your Instagram following.

Use our contents hot links to jump to key sections in the article, and check out our FAQ section for quick information on automation.



Instagram bots when used properly can be one of the most powerful tools out there for growing your account and getting you more followers.

The software itself is very complex, however the use of the platform itself shouldn’t be.

Instagram automation shouldn’t be a pain in the backside, which is why we want to give you the knowledge and know-how that you need to start getting more Instagram followers.

This guide should give you everything you need to know, but for anything else check out our in depth help section.

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HyperVote Mass Instagram Automation

Hyper is our premium service, designed for serious Instagram users.

It facilitates mass Instagram interaction via Instagram Stories, automatically viewing and engaging with thousands of stories on your behalf.

The Hyper Package comes complete with a whole host of complimentary services, including:

These tools, coupled with HyperVote’s powerful engagement levels, let you scale your Instagram accounts to a whole new level.

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Am I Getting Fake Followers?

This is perhaps the single biggest misconception surrounding our automation service.

There are some services out there that offer this, but the truth is that they are heavily outdated and very unpredictable.

Instagram now has clever tools that can spot fake followers straight away, and these usually get deleted very quickly, leaving you right back where you started.

Our bot essentially initiates engagement with actual Instagram users all around the world that then choose to engage back, whether this is by means of a like, comment, DM or follow.

The biggest element in the whole process is the choice aspect, as it is genuine Instagram accounts that make this choice to follow you.

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How Does Hyper Work?

Hyper has taken various forms over its lifespan, but it has always had the same fundamental operating process.

It allows for mass engagement (hence the name) through Instagram stories.

In its current form it combines several advanced actions into one module:

  • Instagram story answers – Answers questions set by target accounts
  • Instagram story viewing – Views the target accounts’ stories
  • Instagram story voting – Votes on story quizzes, polls and sliders

It works through a list of targets that you determine and engages with the target list’s followers.

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If any of these followers have an Instagram story, it will do one of 5 options:

  • Vote on Instagram story poll – Hyper will choose the option that you poll option that you select in Targeting Settings
  • Answer an Instagram quiz – Hyper selects randomly from quiz answers set by original poster
  • Answer an Instagram question/comment box – Hyper responds to a question with one of your specified answers
  • Follow an Instagram story countdown – Hyper follows the countdown
  • Reply to an Instagram slider – Hyper responds to the slider within the values that you set in Targeting Settings

Within the targeting settings, you can specify as many or as little of these actions as you like, as well as providing the answers you would like to use for the Instagram questions, the slider value range you would like to use, and the poll answer option you want to set.

We’ll get more in depth into these targeting settings later, but this brief introduction gives you an idea of how much control you have over the service.

HyperVote Limits

Hyper’s main appeal is the fact that currently, there are no limits set on the level on engagement on Instagram stories.

With other automation services, you might only be able to do several hundred likes and follows in one day, but with Hyper you can do thousands of story views and replies with no threat of those actions being blocked.

We will mention that, while it is the case that there are no defined limits, Instagram has been known to flag some accounts that perform lots of actions day after day, but these are usually in the hundreds of thousands.

It is important to recognise this and to tailor your setting accordingly, as while the service is relatively safe, turning your actions up to the max and letting it run like this all day every day is sure to raise some eyebrows.

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Why Is Hyper Better?

Since we get asked this question a lot, we thought it would be a good idea to address it.

To do this, we want to explain a few things about Instagram behaviour, which will best answer this question in terms of productivity of each service.

Generally, those who post Instagram stories are much more involved in the Instagram community, and more immersed in their own social media experience.

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This means that by targeting these stories, you are much more likely to get a reaction back from other users.

People who put up questions, quizzes and polls want you to get involved with them and initiate some form of conversation.

When they see that your account has engaged with them via the Instagram bot, they will more often than not reply back, whether it is by visiting your profile and leaving a few likes, or by following you because they like the look of your content.

Remember the key aspect of Hyper and IBF is that the accounts that you target choose to follow you or engage with you.

How Do I Set Up Instagram Bot – Hyper

Ok, you’re now up to speed on how this amazing service works, but how do you actually make it happen?

Once you have selected a Hyper price plan and logged into your account – you will be met with the dashboard.

From here you will have to add the Instagram account that you want to use with Hyper, by entering the username and password.

instagram bot account

You can also enter a mobile proxy at this stage to keep your account secure, or come back and enter it at another time, but we will go into depth on this later.

Once you hit confirm you should receive a confirmation code by email or SMS, whichever you specified, and once this is entered your account is confirmed!

Now it is time to start filling in your targeting settings, by clicking on the Massvoting icon from the dashboard.

Instagram Bot Voting modue

Entering Targets

First up, you will need to enter some target accounts for the bot to work through.

Remember, the bot will go into this list of target accounts and use the target’s followers or likers to engage with, so make sure these accounts have a large following and make sure they match your Instagram niche and relate to your content.

At the top you select ‘Liker’ or ‘Follower’ and then enter the Instagram account usernames in the search box.

instagram bot settings

Alternatively you can dump in a large list of accounts by clicking the ‘Targets List’ button and pasting them in (please give it a few minutes to work through them if you have hundreds).

Once this has been done you should see your target accounts with their specification next to them, either ‘Liker’ or ‘Follower’.

Choose Your Services

Next step is to select which services you want to use within the Massvoting module.

Using the check boxes, select which services you want to use.

  • Poll Votes – Respond to polls
  • Question Answers – Reply to questions with your provided answers
  • Story Countdown – Follow countdown timers
  • Slider Points – Respond to sliders
  • Quiz Answers – Randomly answer quizzes
  • Mass Story View – View stories

You are more than welcome to run all of Massvoting’s services, but make sure you are being smart in the way that you use the automation tools.

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Tailor Your Engagement Settings

This is the important bit, as it is where you will specify how the bot interacts with the users that it targets.

The answers that you provide for Instagram story questions need to be carefully considered.

You definitely don’t want to appear spammy or rude, and you need a lot so that your aren’t answering the same thing over and over which will look suspicious.

Obviously you have no way of knowing what questions will come up, but do your best to provide some good messages and phrases for people.

Try to get at least 25 and ideally 50, using a new line for each reply.

You can use words, phrases, emojis, anything that you think is relevant.

Once this is done, you can set the slider minimum and maximum values, as well as how you want the bot to reply to polls.

interaction settings

Set Your Technical Settings

Next is the speed at which the service will attempt to run at, which ranges from 10,000 to 400,000 stories per day.

Although you may be tempted to raise this to the maximum expecting the best results, we have had great results running at anywhere from 10,000 – 50,000 a day, so bear this in mind before you go crazy.

instagram automation settings

The final setting is the pause function, which can be activated via the check box, then the time you wish to pause the service between can be selected.

We recommend running the automation at a time when you know you will not be using your account by other means, for example on your phone or with another automation service.

This decreases the risk of overlap between your activity and the service’s activity.

Most people run the bot at night when they are asleep, for say 10 hours, and are more than happy with the results they get.

Lastly, you can activate and deactivate the service with the last option, before hitting save.

What About Security?

We mentioned in the setting up accounts part of this article that you could use a mobile proxy one your account.

This is recommended for all users of Hyper, and since mobile proxies are inexpensive and readily available, we think it is a small price to pay for the protection of your account.

Once you have purchased a proxy, it can be entered into the accounts page.

Hover over the three dots next to your account and hit ‘Edit’.

proxy settings

Here you will be able to enter your proxy in one of the following formats:



Hit save changes and the proxy will be linked to your account.

Final Points

What we want our users to remember is that Instagram Bot Follower is a tool, and like any tool it is only as good as the person using it.

We have set up IBF and Hyper to be as user friendly and as powerful as possible.

Care should be taken not to misuse the service, as Hyper in particular can get carried away very quickly if left to its own devices.

We recommend starting slow and experimenting with your engagement settings and technical settings in order to find your particular ideal functions.

If you are using the ‘Question answer’ service, make sure you have lots of relevant replies for the bot to use, and keep and eye on which ones are hitting the mark and which ones aren’t, so that you can adapt them to suit.

Finally, see what kind of feedback you are getting from the Instagram community.

Many Instagram users will share your story responses, or they will send you a DM either thanking you for your input or criticising your response for irrelevance.

It pays to listen to this feedback and tweak your settings as necessary, and it also pays to work along side the bot as the responses start coming in.

If someone DMs you, DM them back, if someone likes your pictures, like some of theirs, and you will be more likely to get new followers.

Remember that Instagram is a social platform, and while IBF and Hyper will drastically help your interactions in the community, you have to be prepared to get involved as well if you want to achieve influencer status.


You never get any fake followers with IBF or Hyper. The accounts that the bot engages with choose to engage back or follow you, meaning that you always get genuine Instagram followers.

We have had customers start with zero followers and within a few weeks they have hundreds! You do not need any followers to start using IBF or Hyper.

The service is very safe, and we are constantly updating our security measures. Accounts are rarely flagged and it is extremely unlikely that you will get banned, and this usually happens due to overuse or multiple automation tools being used at the same time.

The time it takes to achieve a certain number of followers vaires greatly, and depends on a number of factors. Things like the niche you are operating in, how often you post, how often you engage with other users, how many people you follow etc. etc. all play a part in this.

You are more than welcome to leave the bot on all the time, but we do not recommend it as it can appear suspicious. Play around with different times via the pause function to see when you get the best results.

You certainly don’t need a proxy to use the service, however we strongly recommend that you do in order to protect your account.  Proxies are easily available and very inexpensive, so you should be using one.

You can, but we do not recommend it. Doing so can cause overlap and could be seen as suspicious.