Instagram Bio Ideas – How To Write Good Instagram Bios


Why do Instagram bios matter?  Because it is your one chance to communicate to the Instagram community what you and your channel are all about.

According to recent research, it takes less than a second for people to form a snap judgement of your Instagram profile.

Humans are judgemental beings, and this first impression is all you get to make a positive impact on visitors to your channel.

instagram bio
Gluten Free Follow Me – A good example of a well presented Instagram account

We run one of the best Instagram automation services available, and we have experience managing big Instagram accounts for our affiliates, so we want to pass on some of our knowledge on the subject.

In this guide, we will take you through the same steps we use when setting up and Instagram account and creating a bio that grabs people’s attention.

First Things First…

We understand that you will want to get straight into it, however, you are not quite ready yet.

Before people even reach your bio, they are met with your name and your profile picture.

Two very basic pieces of media that play a very important role in the overall assumption that people make.

Your name and your username are the only fields that are included in an Instagram user search.

Instagram bio search
Even your followers can struggle to find you if you don’t use your name and username wisely.

So if someone is looking for you by means of the search function, make sure you are using a name that people are actually searching for!

It is actually a very good opportunity for you cover all the bases that people might search for, for example, you can make your username you real name and your profile name your nick name, or vice versa.

And if you want to really make the most of these two fields, you can include niche specific keywords in your name, so that when people search for something, you will be included in the search results.

Create An Instagram Bio With Specifics

Research into Instagram activity shows us that people want bite-sized information when it comes to bios.

They want to know exactly what it is you do, and what make you stand out from all the other accounts out there that are doing something similar.

People generally follow accounts that they think are reliable in terms of the type of content the account is putting out.

good instagram bios
It is clear straight away from the name and bio what this account is all about.

One thing I’m sure we have all experienced is an account that we follow switches tactics, and starts publishing content that we have no interest in seeing, which results in a swift unfollow.

Let people know exactly what you are doing, and be upfront in how you can bring value and excitement to their news feed in order to secure that follow.

Good Instagram Bios Have Web Links

Currently the only place you can have a clickable link across the whole of your account is in your bio.

Reason says that if this is your sole opportunity, you would be foolish to waste it, especially if you are a business, blogger or influencer in the making.

Instagram bio link
It can be advantageous to have the same website name and username for clarity and consistency.

Businesses can direct people to their website homepage, but our advice is to tie this link into your posts, and this does not just go for businesses.

This is the approach can be used by bloggers, creators, anyone who may have other content on the internet aside from their Instagram handle.

Start using that famous line ‘link in bio’ on your posts that you want to expand on, and direct traffic towards anywhere you want.

This not only keeps it fresh, but it also keeps people engaged and interreacting with you on other levels other than just Instagram.

Email In Instagram Bio

This one is fairly self-explanatory, but we still think it deserves a mention, mainly due to the fact that it adds a certain level of professionalism to your account.

Sure Instagram’s DM facility is great for connecting with people and collaborating on ideas, but a lot of businesses will use email as their primary means of communication.

If you are not catering to them in this way, you could be missing out on great opportunities.

The arrival of built in messenger services does not mean that emails are obsolete, so if you are serious about making connections on Instagram, make sure your email is in your bio.

Be Creative With Your Instagram Bio

After Instagram users have looked at hundreds of Instagram bios, that can all start to look the same.

Although it is important to make sure people know who you are and what you are about, it is also crucial that you use this space to be yourself and inject a bit of your personality into it.

creative instagram bios
Simple yet effective.

Ok, we can’t tell you how to be yourself, you are already doing a great job of that, but we can help you convey this to the Instagram community.

  • Use Emojis – this has and always will be the best way to express ideas or emotions without words, and they can be used in your bio to break up text.
  • Quotes – lots of people like to use the words of others to express themselves by putting their favourite quote or a quote that reflects them in their Instagram bio.
  • Jokes – a great way to make people smile and a great way to add some fun to your bio
  • Be Unique – simply put, just do something different and reflective of you and your personality and people will love it

Include a Call To Action

This one is a great way of rounding off your Instagram bio.

Create interest and engagement by calling out to the community and you might just be amazed at how many people shout back!

This can go a long way for people who attend events, as it more often than not creates that first step of awareness that gets people interacting with you outside of Instagram.

If you are doing a tour or a meet up for example, make sure you put this in your bio.

A simple ‘Come say hi at our event in _____’ could help drive a few more visitors to your next event.

Instagram Bio Advice

A great Instagram bio is clean, simple and informative, but also fun, engaging and gives a snapshot of your personality.

While this may seem like a lot, it is not that hard to execute, and while a little trial and error may be necessary, it will be worth it in the long run.

Remember that less is more, and you will usually have the biggest impact with the least amount of clutter.

People know when you are trying too hard, so keep it simple and let your personality come across.