Instagram Follow/Unfollow Limit & Like Restrictions

instagram unfollow limit
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Instagram tightened up the various tools and options available in their platform. If you’ve been to their website’s “terms of usage” section, you’ll notice that they’ve established some ground rules for what you can and can’t do on their site such as Instagram unfollow limit. While this is a convenient way of grasping whatever Instagram permits or does not permit, there are additional unspoken restrictions that many users still do not know of.

Have you ever wondered if there is a limit to how many accounts you may follow and posts you may like in a day? Is there an Instagram unfollow limit in case you want to unfollow a lot of users whose content you no longer want to see? Actually, Instagram has several restrictions when it comes to liking, following, or unfollowing profiles. And while this concept may appear silly, Instagram actually has good grounds for imposing these.

Here, we’ll go through the recent limitations that were implemented in Instagram engagement. Let’s look more closely at the Instagram limitations for the likes, follows, and unfollows! 

The Reason Behind These Restrictions

Why does IG impose such restrictions? This platform has millions of active users who publish content, captions, and stories daily. Consequently, the IG community is now incredibly congested. So, what if all of these users could interact with as much accounts as they want daily? We’d swiftly spiral out of control.

Moreover, if operations, such as liking posts or following accounts on IG were limitless, huge businesses would undoubtedly use this to their advantage to simply outperform start-ups. As a result, without being too blatant, Instagram must impose certain limitations on such activities.

How Many Profiles Can You Follow/Unfollow Every Day?

The limit of following and unfollowing is estimated to be up to 150 profiles every day. However, keep in mind that for new accounts, limits may probably be closer to 100. In addition, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you would want your Instagram account to appear genuine and authentic. Hence, we suggest that you only follow up around 10 accounts every hour. The best part is that there’s no limit with the number of profiles you may follow and follow you, which is how prominent influencers and superstars quickly amassed a large following.

If you want to avoid seeming spammy on IG, little by little, you may try increasing the amount of accounts that you follow or unfollow. For instance, you may first follow/unfollow 20 profiles during the first week. Then, you may gradually increase it to 30, 40, or 50 throughout the weeks, depending on how you do it. However, before doing so, make sure to still consider the Instagram unfollow limit to avoid having your account reported as spam.

Tool To Unfollow People On Instagram Automatically

Using an Auto Unfollow tool in conjunction with the Auto Follow module will keep your account functioning at its best. Our Auto Follow function will increase your account’s followers, but you’ll have to follow a lot of irrelevant profiles as a result. You may now unfollow these profiles after a certain length of time using Auto Unfollow and keep your profile streamlined.

Like Restrictions

The maximum number of photographs you can like every day is around 300 to 400. However, keep in mind that this is only a rough estimate and not a reliable number. However, to prevent having your account suspended or blocked by IG, we suggest sticking with around 200 likes on posts or hashtags in a day.

Maintain The Strength Of Your Account Signals.

We all understand that first thoughts matter on IG, so if it appears that you follow greater people than they follow you, people may be turned off. Your account’s analytics are crucial, and if they don’t add up, it could be a significant turnoff for potential followers. You should use Hyper’s unfollow module to keep your following count from becoming inflated in order to keep your account signals strong and appealing to people. Also, to keep people from unfollowing you, you may want to upload content regularly.


To prevent having your IG account deleted or restricted, you must first know the Instagram unfollow limit to its users. While it may be aggravating that there are no clear guidelines in place for these types of limits, if you keep up with articles like these, you will be able to stay well out of the risk zone.