How To Tell If You’re Blocked On Instagram: 5 Ways To Know

how to tell if you're blocked on instagram

The ability to blacklist certain people on social media is incredibly helpful. However, it can be frustrating when you’re the recipient and don’t understand why or how it happened. If you think you’ve been banned on Instagram, don’t worry, you will not be the first person to be banned on social media and you certainly won’t be the last.

In this article, we will dig deep and understand the ways on how to tell if you’re blocked on Instagram.

How To Tell If You’re Blocked On Instagram

how to tell if you're blocked on instagram

At some point in life, people just delete their accounts on social media just like Instagram and they also sometimes lock their accounts. Given the circumstance, those indicators aforementioned show the same indications when you were being blocked by someone.

There are a variety of ways that you can use to identify if you have indeed been blocked or not, so let’s see and unveil it together!

Normally, this is often how you will tell if you were being blocked by someone:

1. You will not be able to see the user once you look for their username, hashtags, or account on Instagram.

  1. Unable to find them in your followers or following list.
  2. You cannot find or see their newly updated posts.
  3. You will not be able to take a peek at their stories on Instagram.
  4. They cannot receive or do not respond to the dms you send them.
  5. They will no longer see and find your posts.
  6. They are unable to see your comments on other user’s posts
  7. The direct messages from them will disappear (even from the past messages you had with that someone).

5 Ways To Know

This is one common way on how to tell if you’re blocked on Instagram, and this is how:

To start off, look for them from your personal account. If you were not able to see them and see their posts, they may have changed or modified their Instagram username. And so, search for other names as well.

Second, try to ask some people if you can use their account to look for the user or try to create and use a different account and if you have another one, you might also want to use it.

Third, look for the account. If it pops up in other people’s accounts, it is very likely that you have been truly banned. Furthermore, this is not the sole method to figure out if you have actually been banned, however, we have looked upon the easiest and most reliable method to do it.

Fourth, the question “What can I do if someone blocked me on Instagram?” would always haunt your curiosity, but it is really hard to find out especially if you do not know proper strategies and methods to suffice that curiosity. Unfortunately, there are only very few ways you can do whenever you face this kind of situation since the medium is also designed to protect everyone’s right to privacy.

Lastly, even if you think you have been accidentally blocked and he/she is someone familiar to you, reach them out to another social media platform and ask about what is going on. Occasionally, it may have been a mistake and when everything is confirmed, you can still be unblocked on their side. However, if it was intentional, this is your chance to clarify the situation and find out what has been the issue. Please note that if you have upset the person, it is their right to choose whether they would want to block you or not because they must have the reason as to why they do not want to see your account anymore.


There are numerous ways on how to tell if you’re blocked on Instagram or not. The steps and ways are simple, just read through properly and you must then find out what is going on with your account. Try to respect the user; hence, ask in a proper manner and if you have found the reason behind it, then just accept it wholeheartedly and move on, since it is truly their right to block someone. This is part of social media that must be respected and understood for the people who use Instagram.