How To Get Followers On Instagram Without Following: 5 Tips

how to get followers on instagram without following

You put in a lot of time figuring and producing posts on Instagram. And you follow a lot of Instagram users in the hopes that they will follow you back. However, some Instagrammers refuse to do so. So if you are sick of following a bunch of Instagram users to get more followers, we can help you with that. In this article, you would likely learn some essential tips on how to get followers on Instagram without following along with an Instagram tool you can utilize to make out of your things faster and more effectively.

How To Get Followers On Instagram Without Following?

Utilizing a tool is the most practical way on how to get followers on Instagram without following anybody. Or you can simply and effectively increase your followers with these easy tips.

1. Publish Posts Regularly

The majority of Instagram users who do not upload often are more significant, which is one of the main reasons some are having trouble growing their followers. So, they should update their followers on a more regular basis. The best days to post perhaps appear to be Tuesday and Thursday nights. However, it would be best if you also considered publishing every night and morning. This way, you’ll be able to capture individuals as they begin their day and as they return home after work. 

2. Utilize The FLC Sequence (Follow, Like, And Comment)

This is the best successful method for increasing your Instagram followers. This is how it’s done:

  • Examine the lists of followers who are significant.
  • Compile a listing of Instagrammers who have interests that are related to yours.
  • Browse their accounts, read their postings, and like the users’ pictures that you appreciate. 
  • Try looking at other’s profiles and leave unique comments in each post.

3. Organize A Giveaways

This is a more time-consuming approach to gaining followers. To begin, you must have a minimum of 1,000 followers before doing this activity. You may start conducting social competitions after you reach this level. Furthermore, every month, you should host giveaways to engage your existing audience and boost the number of your followers. And this is such a pretty basic procedure.

  • To join the contest, ask others to like, share, or comment.
  • Invite others to vote for their favorite award.
  • Users should be asked to tag an acquaintance.

4. Cite Well-Known Influencers

This is similar to the FLC, except instead of interacting with very few influencers, you engage with significant influencers. You must possess a listing of influential people who are essential to your viewers. The frequency with which they utilize hashtags relevant to your specialty should be used to determine relevance. 

5. Make Your Website A Gateway

Your website does have the potential to increase the number of individuals who follow you on Instagram. Adding a “Follow me on Instagram” button to your homepage is an efficient process to accomplish this. Follow buttons and links that may be placed when you have a presence on the internet:

  • Facebook account
  • Email signature
  • Bio-on other media platforms
  • Bio of the blog’s author

This may take a little time before paying off. However, you may accumulate pathways all across the web throughout time. These pathways will go back to your IG account, resulting in an increase in followers.


If you spend a lot of your time on Instagram to gain more followers, replying to their comments as much as possible, and interacting with them on their postings. Well, make things easy for you! You should follow those tips on how to get followers on Instagram without following anyone and partnered with a useful Instagram tool to make those procedures more fast and effective.