How to Respond to Instagram Comments: 15+ Best & Funny Ways

How to Respond to Instagram Comments
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It is unsurprising that you will get all types of comments from users daily if you have an Instagram account. And it is essential to monitor the comments and react as often as possible, as this will significantly benefit your Instagram engagement. Therefore, follow this guide on how to respond to Instagram comments to assist you in gaining more Instagram followers. Or, to make these things simpler, you can use Instagram tools to keep your follower’s loyalty and earn more.

Ways On How To Respond To Instagram Comments

One of the areas you should often emphasize regarding Instagram rules is responding to comments because it is critical for developing your account and establishing connections with your existing followers.

1. Response To A Compliment

When people make an effort to compliment you, make sure to acknowledge them. A sincere thank you is acceptable, or you may offer a thoughtful response to continuing the discussion. 

2. Respond To Unfavorable Comment

Be sympathetic, honest, and open. And make yourself ready to correct the problem as soon as possible.

3. Replies To Rude Comments

 It is sometimes better to maintain your mouths closed or create the impression that you are sometimes stupid than them. For example:

  • I was about to throw you a nasty look when I noticed you already had one.
  • Mirrors don’t lie, and luckily for you, they don’t laugh either.

4. Answer To Your Question

Did you ask a question to your followers? If you did, you must definitely react to them and thank them for their suggestions. 

5. Response To A Positive Comment

Express your gratitude to your followers with a single statement. Take advantage of the opportunity to thank the individual, make sure to mention them, and recognize them straightforwardly. 

6. Reply To Negative Comments

If somebody is using profanity or offensive language, you may remove it and ban them. Deal with such individuals at all costs.

7. Deal With @ Mentions And Spam

You may flag the comments as spam, a scam, or abusive material and prevent the individuals from commenting or mentioning you in the future. 

8. Respond To A Customer Query

Respond to their inquiry as precisely and quickly as feasible. Be detailed and informative – this is your chance to add worth to your viewers’ lives.

9. Reacting To Emoji Comments

An emoji is also a form of user response to which you do not have to answer if you choose to be courteous, just like this comment or respond with emojis also.

10. Response To A Flirty Comment

When someone gives you a flirtatious comment, you know that they are interested in you. Tease them a little to keep them wondering and maintain their interest by keeping them on their toes.

11. Reply To A Guy’s Praise

You may use these funny phrases to reply to a guy’s comments.

  • What, I’m sorry? I was so preoccupied with how beautiful I was.
  •  You’re absolutely correct, you jerk!
  • Hand me a marker, and I’ll sign it for you.

12. Respond To A Stranger

It may be hard to predict how an individual who praised you would react to a joke or criticism if you don’t even know them closely. To prevent offending them, it may be a wise idea to respond in a brief, straightforward, and genuine manner.

13. Remarks To Insults

Several of the comments may seem harsh or insulting based on how they are stated, to whom they are said, and the situation. Still, be polite and kind if possible, and remember that you are worth more than any praise in the universe.

14. A Reply To Your Crush Comment

Never doubt the power of fascinating and unique replies. It may be a fantastic tactic to leave indications for your love. Here are some answers you can utilize:

  • Do you like dancing? Let’s go to a club!I’m heading out for beers later.
  • Do you want to join me?

15. Responds To Your Partner

When your partner commented on your Instagram post, reply to it by expressing how much you love him or her, and that person next to you is very lucky.


Individuals must practice important social manners regardless of the comments they get. As long as you respond to comments by the methods on how to respond to Instagram comments mentioned above, you will undoubtedly manage your Instagram professionally and gain more Instagram followers. Furthermore, there is an Instagram tool you can utilize to get Instagram followers without responding to comments.