Everything About The Instagram Checkout

instagram checkout

Instagram Checkout is now being used by all the eligible businesses in the US and will be global in the near future.

The Checkout feature allows us to purchase products straight from our Insta app. We can now place our orders directly on Insta when exploring shoppable posts with our favourite product tags.

According to Instagram, 130million users click on shoppable posts every month, and it is no wonder that Instagram has now made the Checkout feature available to all the businesses in the US.

The rise in the popularity of shoppable posts has quickly reshaped Insta into an e-commerce platform. The Checkout feature will now complete this change furthermore and enhance the user experience for the better.

Now we can tap on a product tag that we like and pay on Instagram directly for that product. Our shopping process has never been easier on any other social media platform.

They have managed to completely change the way we shop and transform the way businesses use their Insta shop.

For business owners to be able to quickly convert their audience from just browsing to purchasing products without having to leave the Instagram app means an increase in sales rates.

There are exciting times ahead for both businesses, influencers and users with the Checkout feature.

Instagram checkout

Should You Use Instagram Checkout?

Many of us have been using our Insta platform for marketing and advertising for years now, and we are aware of how important it has been for our marketing strategies.

But recent changes over the past year is completely reshaping this platform for good. It no longer needs to be just an advertising platform.

The Instagram Checkout feature provides our customers with an easy platform, from which they can buy our products.

This year Instagram has tried to accommodate businesses and brands as much as they could through the pandemic.

They made the shop feature global and rolled out the QR code to help us with our business growth on Insta.

Instagram has reported that 80% of accounts follow a business account, and that makes it clear as to why they have been working hard to make sure that we can make the most of our platform.

Here is how users can purchase our products in a few simple steps:

  • Click on the shopping icon
  • Click on the product that pops up
  • Tap checkout
  • Enter card details and billing information
  • Click place order

Instagram checkout

How to Apply For Instagram Checkout?

You can use the Instagram Checkout right now in the US, but you need to set your shop up first.

That is so your account is either linked with your Facebook page or Shopify where Insta can retrieve your catalogue and product information.

They use your information to create your product tags so you can be able to tag your products in your pictures, videos and IGTV now.

After you have successfully set your shop up, you can use this form here to apply for the Checkout.

If you are not in the US, get ready and set your shop up. Stay ahead of the game to use the checkout feature as soon as it gets rolled out globally.

How to Make The Most of Your Checkout

We have a few suggestions that you can try in order to make the most out of your Instagram Checkout feature, and this way, you can ensure to increase your sales too.

1. Consider tagging your products in all content formats

Do not limit your tags if you want to maximise your sales. You should always remember to tag your products in each content format. Make the most out of both pictures and videos.

By expanding the tags on different content formats, you ensure to reach as many people as possible that view your content.

The more visible your products are, the easier it is for your audience to notice them and purchase from you via the Checkout feature.

2. Partner up with Influencers

Influencers are huge, and they are admired closely by their followers. We have to give them credit because they are excellent at what they do.

Many have successfully managed to continuously grow their personal platforms by engaging and producing original content for their loyal followers. That is how they make a living so they must know a thing or two.

By partnering up with influencers and creator account holders who can also tag products directly in their content, you can advertise your products more aggressively on their platform, but in an authentic way.

Not only your products will be noticed very quickly by their followings, but it is also a smart way of advertising yourself, without forcefully trying to sell your products directly.

3. Use carousels

Using carousels for your products is all about reaching your audience faster but in an effective way. The more visually pleasing your product pictures are, the easier you can capture your audience’s attention.

Get creative and create images with a few of your products. This way not only you can tag a few products in one piece of content, but you get those products noticed together and faster.

Instagram checkout


The shop and the Checkout features are quickly transforming Insta into a bigger platform than ever before. Make sure to stay tuned and familiarise yourself with any existing and new features that are released.

The Instagram team has been working extremely hard the past few years to meet your needs and expectations, so ensure to take advantage of everything they have to offer.