How To Post A Live Photo On Instagram From An Iphone 2021

how to post a live photo on Instagram

Live Photos, which mix video and GIF images to produce something more engaging than a static image, are an excellent addition to current iPhones. Live Photos bring images to life. This revolutionary photography invention does more than simply capture a fleeting moment in time; it brings your pictures to life.

When the option became accessible, major social media sites like Twitter and Facebook decided to use it. Instagram, the photo-centric social media platform, stood out among the main social media networks.

Given Instagram’s delay in releasing this function, it took some time to find out how to post a live photo on Instagram, but it is now possible. At the very least, it is possible with a little tweaking.

Before we get into how to post a live photo on Instagram, let’s go through how to capture Live Photos if you’ve never done so before. Once you’ve done it, I doubt you’ll ever go back to static pictures!

Procedures For Taking Live Photos:

Live Photos allow you to record more than just a stunning picture; they also allow you to add music and movement to it. Your iPhone records everything that occurs in the 1.5 seconds before and after you press the shutter button. You may take a Live Photo in the same manner that you would any other kind of image. You may assist yourself by following these easy steps on how to post a live photo on Instagram.

  1. On your iPhone, launch the camera app.
  2. To activate Live Photos, tap the bullseye icon at the top of the screen. It should become yellow when enabled.
  3. Holding the device stable, frame your picture as normal.
  4. Hold your phone steady on the topic for at least 1.5 seconds after pressing the shutter.

After that, the camera will snap a 1.5-second Live Photo. You should approach Live Photos as if they were video pictures, and attempt to keep the gadget as steady as possible. Another method to guarantee you’re shooting excellent Live Photos is to frame the picture ahead of time.

Remember that it captures audio as well as pictures, so be mindful of your surroundings and ambient noise.

Both the front and back cameras can shoot Live Photos. Because the primary camera has 12 megapixels and the Live Photo is just 1.5 seconds long, shooting too many photos may quickly exhaust your storage capacity. A single Live Photo is made up of a video and a 2-5MB JPEG, thus it will rapidly deplete your phone’s capacity.

As a result, it is advised that you only keep Live Pictures enabled by default if you have enough storage or utilize iCloud for your photos. Otherwise, only allow Live Photos while you are actively attempting to capture one.

You may view Live Photographs in the same manner that you see the rest of your photos. Simply launch the Photos app and you’ll see your Live Photos among the rest of your photos. The only difference is that you’ll notice the Live Photos (bullseye) sign in the upper left of the image (this symbol isn’t really on your photo; it’s simply a display element).

How Do I Post A Live Photo On Instagram?

how to post a live photo on Instagram

Live Photos cannot be directly published to the Instagram Feed; instead, they must be transformed into Video and then posted to the Instagram Feed using the Video option. We’ve divided the procedure into two sections; here’s how to post a live photo on Instagram.

Part 1: Converting A Live Photo To A Video

  1. Navigate to the Camera App on your iPhone.
  2. In the upper-right corner, tap the Live Photos icon.
  3. Touch the Preview icon next to the Capture button to access the Live Photos.
  4. Click the share button.
  5. Choose Save as Video.

Part 2: Post A Video To Your Instagram Feed

  1. On your iPhone, open the Instagram app.
  2. Click the Plus button to add a video.
  3. Choose the video you made with Live Photo.
  4. After that, hit the button.
  5. You can modify the video, add effects, Tag People, Add Location, and so on, and then hit Share when you’re finished.

How Do I Post A Live Photo On Instagram?

Posting a Live Photo to Instagram Story is simple enough, but there is a catch. Here’s how to post a live photo on Instagram.

  1. Launch the Instagram app.
  2. Press the Camera button in the upper-left corner.
  3. Tap the Preview icon, then choose the Live Photo you want to publish to Instagram Story.
  4. Choose the Live Photo that you wish to upload.
  5. By touching and holding the picture, it will be transformed into a Boomerang.
  6. Similarly, before publishing, you may add stickers, drawings, and a variety of other artworks from the collection.
  7. Post-it after you’re finished.