How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically: 23 Ways for 2021

how to grow instagram followers organically

Instagram has quickly become a social media powerhouse for businesses. For obvious reasons: 13% of the world’s population uses it, and 80% of them follow companies. These are the ways on how to grow Instagram followers organically. 

With a rate of 4.21 percent in likes, shares, and comments, Oberlo says customer engagement is at an all-time high. It’s ten times more popular than Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter put together.

As a result, forward-thinking businesses are searching for innovative ways how to grow Instagram followers organically despite the challenges. In order to help you make the most of your paid and organic marketing initiatives while also safeguarding your Instagram marketing tactics for the long term, we’ve put together this helpful list of 23 recommendations. Time to get the festivities started.

1. Update On A Consistent Basis.

Brands need to be active if they want to get new followers and increase engagement, but how active should they be? Studies show that 1-2 postings each day are ideal.

2. Rather Than Preaching, Share Tales.

Commercial advertising on Instagram overlooks Instagram’s role as a “graphic inspiration tool,” which is what it was designed to be. Instead of just preaching a commercial message to your purchasers, use pictures, video, and text to attract them.

3. Develop A Well-Known Brand Name.

Companies trying to raise their profile on Instagram need to focus on three key elements: transparency, distinctiveness, and steadiness. A hasty, unplanned approach will not provide the desired outcome.

4. Maintain An Uniform Aesthetic Throughout Your Instagram Feed.

Instagram is a popular photo and video-sharing social networking site because of its focus on aesthetics. Despite the fact that glimmering radiance is out of style, visual content on Instagram will never lose its significance.

5. Decide On The Appropriate Hashtags To Use.

The hashtags you use on Instagram can mean the difference between a top-performing post and one that ends up at the bottom of the list of people who follow you.

6. Place An Emphasis On User-Generated Material.

Instagram’s user-generated content is the holy grail of marketing. The content is created and approved by your target market before it goes live, which reduces marketing expenses while increasing customer engagement.

7. Explore The Different Video Formats Available On Instagram To See What Works Best For Your Brand.

A video’s worth far exceeds that of a photograph.

8. Utilize The Captioning And Closed-Captioning Tools On Instagram.

According to Instagram, 60% of stories are listened to, while 40% are silently viewed.

9. Instagram Reels Will Run In The Background If You Let It.

Why not start utilizing Instagram Reels’ video features now? Making a video and then sharing it with your followers on Instagram is possible.

10. Use Instagram’s Augmented Reality Filters To Your Advantage.

Instagram’s Spark AR Studio makes it simple for anybody to create AR filters. With over a billion views on some of Instagram’s greatest filters since then, augmented reality has mostly taken over the platform.

11. Make Use Of Instagram’s Video Ad Kinds.

Understanding the platform’s many advertising formats is important, with 75% of Instagrammers reporting to take actions “including visiting sites, Googling, or telling a friend” after being impacted by a post.

12. Animated Gifs May Be Fun If You Let Them Be.

A GIF is an excellent tool for marketing teams, since studies indicate that consumers are more likely to watch 15-second videos all the way through.

13. Boost Your Website’s Traffic By Using Instagram’s User Base.

Since Instagram allows just one clickable link in your bio, it may help increase traffic to your website.

14 You Can ‘win’ On Instagram By Using Search Engine Optimization (Seo).

Instagram and SEO may not seem to be natural partners at first look, but in today’s more intense network, it is essential that your Instagram account has an SEO plan in place.

15. Use Micro-Influencers To Increase Your Company’s Reputation

Instagram influencer marketing has made it increasingly common to use industry thought leaders to reach a wider audience with commercial messages.

16. Offer A Reward To The Person Who Takes The Most Creative Instagram Picture.

Contests are a great method to increase your Instagram following’s involvement.

17. Instagram May Be Used As A Marketing Tool To Increase The Amount Of Individuals That Sign Up For Your Email List.

When it comes to establishing long-term connections with consumers, email is still the preferred form of communication. Using an Instagram gadget may assist you in gaining more Instagram followers (app).

18. Take Use Of Instagram Stories.

With 500 million daily users, Instagram stories rapidly climbed to the top of the platform’s popularity. Instagram’s stories feature has some people thinking it may ultimately take the place of the main feed.

19. Include A Link To Your Instagram Stories In Your Profile.

Previously, only verified Instagram users could add the “See More” link to their stories, but now anybody with a business account and at least 10,000 followers may.

20. Make Good Use Of Emoticons.

Emojis, in particular, offer an edge over textual communication when utilized on Instagram. In an era when emoticons abound (and more are on the way), it’s important to have a plan for utilizing them that reflects your company’s character without coming off as too casual.

21. Promote Your Instagram Account On Other Social Media Platforms.

Promote your Instagram channel to as many people as possible. You may accomplish this, for example, by including a link to your Instagram page in a Facebook status update.

22. Throughout The Document, Use Calls To Action (Ctas).

Make the most of your Instagram promotion, even if it’s well-liked. Include a clear call to action on Instagram.

23. Pay Attention To Your Most Outstanding Instagram Posts And Make Notes On How You Might Make Them Better.

Study the ‘formula’ for increasing your Instagram following and apply it in your promotion strategy to get more followers.

Instagram users are slowly growing. You must know the ways on how to grow Instagram followers organically.